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FY21 Feed Our Health Care Heroes

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Donate A Meal

Your donation will help us feed our frontline health care workers as they work nonstop to protect the health and safety during this pandemic.

  • $7.50 toward 1 meal

  • $22.50 toward 3 meals

  • $75 toward 10 meals

  • $750 toward 100 meals

  • $7,500 toward 1,000 meals

Your gift of any size will make an immediate difference and support the efforts of health care workers striving to provide the best patient care.

Our Mission

The University of Miami Health System delivers leading-edge patient care from South Florida’s premier physicians, nurses, and support staff. For them to continue their vital work, they need your support.

Feed Our Front Line Health Care Workers

Our health care heroes are on the front lines of the pandemic, tirelessly working around the clock to protect the health and safety of patients. Your donation will help us provide meals for our physicians, nurses, and hospital support staff.

Our Response to COVID-19

For the latest information about the University of Miami’s response to COVID-19, please visit

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!